Hello Planets!!!

Hi there! This is my first post on the planets ( Ubuntu and KDE ), so I’ll be a bit surprised if this works the first time.

I’m Rohan Garg, a Kubuntu and KDE contributor. I also am the co maintainer for the awesome Project Neon  and a GSoC participant this year, so expect quite a lot of posts on that as well. Apart from that, i mostly spend my time fixing up whatever i think needs fixing in KDE and Kubuntu in general. My main area of interest in KDE is Telepathy KDE which is an emerging new project to integrate IM and collaboration features into KDE .

On another note, my GSoC proposal this year focuses on bringing a GUI for PIM data sync to KDE using syncEvolution , which provides a SyncML framework to build clients or servers. My mentor is of course, the awesome Dinesh Manajipet who fixed the Akonadi backend for syncEvolution last year.

Basically syncEvolution provides you with a way to sync your PIM data from say, a Google Account or a Nokia Ovi Store account OR even a Smart Phone/Mobile Phone* ( many other configurations are available ) into your KDE Address book and vice versa.

On the Kubuntu front we have an action packed release cycle with a new package manager ( Muon replacing KPackageKit ), a focus on improving Kubuntu on ARM and touchscreen devices ( as Harald Sitter documents it in this blog post ) and loads of other stuff!

This post is getting a bit long for a ‘Hello Planets’ post so I’ll be doing a separate post for each of the projects I’m involved in, in a couple of days 😉

In the end, all I would like to say is this :

I ♥ KDE & Kubuntu
I ♥ KDE & Kubuntu

* Conditions Apply ( depends on what phone we are talking about, won’t work on a Nokia 1100 for example 😛 )

Thanks to sheytan for the artwork, you rock my friend.

13 thoughts on “Hello Planets!!!

  1. Well this has just appeared twice in my akregator so looks like the planets did work first time 🙂 looking forward to reading more through out gsoc and after.


      1. Incase its of any help with your debugging, akregator shows the datestamp in both planets as 4:00 BST although the post only appeared a short while ago (its 23:45 now) , guess the planet software gets confused by localtime. . .


  2. I think we already “met” on IRC and I have to say: Project Neon is just awesome and it makes debugging, testing, patching and trolling about regressions and bugs in new version ( 😛 ) very easy 🙂
    Thanks for all your efforts!


    1. Hi!
      Great to hear that you like Project Neon, i’ll have a blog post dedicated to it in the coming weeks, always great to get feedback from users 🙂


  3. Please say you’re talking to Riccardo Iaconelli and the OwnCloud folks… Riccardo was working on a SyncML based service with OwnCloud for syncing PIM and other stuff.


    1. Hi
      Ok, from my brief searching, i’ve just come across one thread on the owncloud ML and what i’ve understood is that owncloud will have a syncML plugin which will interact with other syncML clients and peers for data exchange, what my project aims at is tighter syncevolution and KDE integration by providing GUI’s to interact with syncevolution which further interacts with other syncML peers/clients ( for instace owncloud or a phone or another PC on the internet/LAN ) for PIM Data exchange.
      So, from my perspective Riccardo’s work and my work are two different things and the syncML standard will ensure that there are no issues between my GUI/syncevolution and owncloud. The way i see it, it would be something like this :

      KDE Desktop ⇔ ( syncEvloution GUI ) ⇔ syncEvolution ⇔ { Data Transmission over the internet } ⇔ owncloud syncML plugin ⇔ owncloud


  4. Hi, when can we expect a development version (or a public repository if it’s not yet in kde git)? I’d love to test this.


    1. Hi Philipp
      Sorry for the late reply but i just noticed your comment, i should have a announcement about this by the end of the Desktop Summit!


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