GSoC Update!


During Dinesh introduced me to SyncEvolution, a tool that you can use to synchronize your PIM data, i was quite impressed with the tool but was quite annoyed by the fact that it had no KDE frontend to add a config, i had to use the command line in order to manually configure each and every account painstakingly.

Dinesh helped me quite a lot after that, helping me fix some problems with my configs and we even managed to do a sync of our contacts over the internet. So far so good, fast forward a couple of weeks just before GSoC, Dinesh told me that i should apply as a participant this year and make a frontend for SyncEvolution and i personally thought it was a awesome idea!

The idea got selected in the final 51 and finally after 13 weeks of coding, wrestling with the DBus server and some initial problems with the figuring out the correct key value pairs, i was on my way to making the first objective of my GSoC proposal, a KConfigModule.

  • KConfigModule to configure your SyncEvolution accounts

The KConfigModule is central to my GSoC project, it allows you to add a SyncEvolution account. You can also pass a bluetooth MAC address to the KCM and it will filter the list of available profiles based on the MAC address.

  • A QML Plasmoid which lists your SyncEvolution profiles

The QML Plasmoid lists your configured SyncEvolution profiles and when you click a profile, it even starts a sync!

  • A KStatusNotifierItem

A system tray entry that again lists all your configured accounts and starts a sync when you click on a profile, even has a entry to configure a new SyncEvolution account.

The entire thing needs a bit of  a brush up, some small code optimization’s and stuff, so you can expect a full blown project repository soon!

I would also like to thank Dinesh for putting up with my silly questions , Lydia for managing a ton of students in both SoK and GSoC and the entire KDE Community for this wonderful opportunity, i’ll be sticking around hacking away on KDE one bit at a time.

PS :  Integration with bluedevil is also on its way 😉

13 thoughts on “GSoC Update!

    1. I think so, going by the information on wikipedia ( ) , looks like MS Exchange has connectors for SyncML which is the protocol that SyncEvolution uses to exchange data, but, i don’t remember seeing a template for that in SyncEvolution so you might have to edit some stuff by hand.


      1. That sounds promising although the wiki is a bit confusing to read through with lots of information.

        Thanks. I’ll try and give it a go.


  1. hi Rohan,
    can’t await your release of that nice tool.
    just wanted to know, if it will be possible to interact with the syncevo-http-server, which ships with SyncEvolution.
    That would be great, because it is needed to store the data from Thunderbird (+ Lightning) which syncs with the Funambol sync plugin over dbus (from ).
    I got to make that work on the bash, but failed with syncing it from there over bluetooth to my phone.
    I posted my trials in german under – it would be great if you could provide a possibility to sync via thunderbird directly (without a server like funambol)!


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