KDE Doc Camp Day 2

KDE was selected for the awesome KDE Doc Camp Sprint here in Mountain View. Our primary aim is to write a beginner’s guide to KDE Development. The booking is coming along quite nicely, we have fleshed out a table of contents and a couple of chapters.
Andy Oram from O’Reilly Media is helping us with the book and a big thanks to him for reviewing all our work and making corrections.

You can find more about our book here ( You need to make an account in order to login and edit ) and Andy’s Blog post about the KDE Doc Camp here.

Update 1 : Team members include myself, Karan , Supreet & Valorie. The book itself will go into publishing via lulu , so you can buy the actual hard copy of the book. All proceeds from the sales will go to the KDE e.V.

3 thoughts on “KDE Doc Camp Day 2

  1. I see a slight problem with the use of KDE. KDE is a community so it is a bit wrong to say.”development for KDE” (better would be “development using KDE technologies”) or “a new application that runs on KDE” (“a new application that uses KDE technologies”). What I’m trying to say is that you should picture KDE in your head as a group of people which produces software and development frameworks/libraries/runtime and you should probably be a bit more careful when you use term KDE. Many times you are probably thinking of a specific product that comes from KDE community so in a situation like that you should name that product directly. Other than that it is extremely nice to hear that a book about KDE and KDE’s products is coming, It’s been a long time since there were any books like that and it is badly needed.


    1. Right, the title of the book has still not been finalized, that’s something that we are going to finalize tomorrow. We will keep the official KDE Branding in mind when choosing a title.


    2. There is also something to be said for simplification, especially in terms of attracting new users/developers. It is easy to build a marketable brand off of “KDE”, harder to do so off of “KDE Platforms” or whatever else you might use to generate interest in developing (and using) for the platform.


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