Akademy 2018


I had the awesome opportunity to attend Akademy in Vienna this year. First off, a big thank you to the organising  team for pulling off this years Akademy without a hitch.

This Akademy was a bit more special, since it was decided to switch up the format, which in my opinion worked quite well. There were training’s that ran alongside the talk’s and BoF’s, which I think was a great idea. I signed up to the Public Speaking Training and the Non Violent Communication training, which I think were run exceptionally. I hope that these training sessions are run again next Akademy because I found them exceptionally valuable.

I also used this opportunity to sit down with TL Lim from Pine64 to discuss the needs of the Pine64 community and how KDE and Pine64 could work together to provide a great experience on Pine64 products such as Pinebook. This eventually led to the release of the KDE Neon image for the Pinebook in the past week, which everyone seems to be quite happy about 🙂

Overall, I’d say this was a very productive Akademy for me personally, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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