My filesystem has too many bits

I’ve been hacking away on a ODROID-C1 for the last few months and last week I ran into something quite interesting. My C1 refused to boot a new image and I simply couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. After acquiring a serial cable I started to debug what was going wrong. It seemed like the ODROID […]

The KDE Randa meetings need your help

The Randa meetings provide an excellent opportunity for KDE developers to come across for a week long hack session to fix bugs in various KDE components while collaborating on new features. This year we have some amazing things planned, with contributors working across the board on delivering an amazing KDE Frameworks 5 experience, a KDE […]

New Touchpad management app in Kubuntu 14.04

Hot on the heels of the new driver manager, we have the new touchpad management app that we introduced in Kubuntu 14.04. The new app replaces the old Synaptiks touchpad management app and has many more buttons and settings that you can twiddle and tweak to get the best experience. The Kubuntu team would like […]

New Driver Manager for Kubuntu

Hola Kubuntu users Ubuntu ‘recently’ deprecated jockey and moved to ubuntu-drivers-common. ubuntu-drivers-common is a python backend which will try to figure out which drivers are best suited to your system. Up till Kubuntu 13.10 we were still relying on the backend called Jockey which is python2 , however for the 14.04 cycle, one of our […]