Kubuntu Munich bug squashing ( with a hint of Doctor Who )

I was in Munich last weekend squashing bugs with the rest of the Kubuntu team as well as the Debian team at the LiMux offices. Loads of stuff got done or on its way to being done. The most important aspect of the bug squashing for me was to upstream packages from Kubuntu to Debian since they’re considered mature enough to be pushed into Debian.

This includes packages like kscreen, simon, and plasma-nm to name a few. Watch the Debian Experimental repo for these awesome new goodies!

We also had Kubuntu specific sessions where we took major decisions for 14.04 , the upcoming LTS release. All decisions are open for viewing on the Kubuntu Trello board here. Major highlights include switching to Firefox as the default browser, a new driver manager that will replace jockey and provide a smoother experience for installing proprietary drivers, as well as a new and shiny KDE SC as always.

Real life Kubuntu Trello board

Switching back to Munich, we also got to see how the awesome city of Munich deploys a Kubuntu based derivative ( currently using KDE 3 , but soon switching to KDE 4.11 ) to over 15,000 computers! Wohoo! It was truly amazing to see how they could roll out an entire new OS to computers at the click of a button in under 15 minutes. Everything was of course powered by open source software using GOSA and LDAP. You can read more about the LiMux project on the Munich IT blog ( all in German ) and the status page of the project can be found here. All their open source code is released over here

The Doctor doing timey wimey stuff

No Kubuntu sprint can be complete without a Doctor Who episode, and the timing of the sprint was so perfect that we got to view the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who together! Almost the entire Kubuntu Development team was present, so you bet it was pretty epic, complete with a round of Irn Bru 😉

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